Web3 Latam Early Stage – Newtopia Portfolio Startups Updates – Sept´22 (english)

Since Newtopia: Pre Seed Venture Capital was launched, we have focused on leaving a footprint in Latam through investment and support to disruptive startups. We see that the Crypto/Web3 ecosystem agrees with this vision. 

Events such as ETH Latam in Buenos Aires with the participation of Vitalik live, the first purchase with tokenized soy grains, the arrival of Fuse Capital to the region and the industry, the expert eye of Investors like Pato Jutard (Newtopia GP) in TechCrunch, among others, are here to confirm the Latam-Crypto synergy that starts at the adoption and possibilities of decentralized technology.

Encouraged by the winds of change, we’d like to share Updates of the crypto / web3 startups of the portfolio in the Pre Seed, Seed and getting close to Series A stages.



Agrotoken is the first Global Platform for agricultural commodities tokenization. They create a secure and frictionless ecosystem to make trading grains easier, more efficient and more reliable.



  • Launched their tokenization and payment network platform in Argentina & Brazil. 
  • Tokenized over 160.000 tons invoicing over USD $90 MM. Over 600 onboarded farmers, 140 onboarded merchants and 32 onboarded grain handlers.
  • Transactions for over USD $25 MM through the platform with an average ticket of USD $50.000.
  • Global agreement with Santander Bank to offer token collateralized loans. 
  • Signed an agreement with VISA international and launched the Agrotoken Visa card. On August 8th a farmer paid for a coffee at Starbucks with 0,021 tons of corn (Algorand).
  • Multichain blockchain infrastructure (Polygon, Algorand & Ethereum) 
  • Raised USD $5.5 MM (Newtopia, Xperiment Ventures, Borderless Fund, AIC Capital, Barn Investments, Matterscale among others) Also received USD $4 MM as advanced revenue from VISA. 
  • Working on other commodity tokens MVPs such as: land, cattle, ethanol, solar energy.




Belo is the app that is making crypto part of people’s day to day in Latam by making crypto useful every day. They have built a crypto-fiat digital wallet in which you can buy & sell cryptocurrencies, save money & pay with your belo mastercard & get cashback on each payment.



  • Closed a U$S 3M seed round in May in the midst of the global meltdown. 
  • Extension open now. You can check out the deck here


Mokens League

Bridging eSports and NFTs, Mokens League games work in a sustainable “Win to Earn» environment that puts the focus back on gameplay, quality, skill and fun. This compared to the trend of a purely time-based reward system in most P2E games.



  • Currently talking to funds that are interested in getting equity.  
  • Preparing NFT and Token sale.



Polemix is the first Web3 platform for ideas and opinions. It will provide massive opinion leaders with a new tool to monetize the passion they generate from their communities, channeling that passion into a new value prop: Proof of Support NFTs (POSU) of their top ideas. Instead of just liking a post, fans can now own, collect and, ultimately, invest in ideas.


  • Launching in November.
  • Signed partnerships with some of the greatest opinion leaders in the World, including two presidents, a pop icon and six of the world’s most influential activists. Combined following of already 25M+ committed leaders.  Polemix will have exclusivity to its web3 activity, including the right to mint its ideas and content.
  • Newest leaders about to sign with Polemix: bestselling author Steven Pinker and iconic activist Cornel West.
  • Team: The founder of one of the most followed NFT Alpha groups on Twitter and Discord has joined the Polemix team. 


  • Raised a 2.4M seed round from top web3 investors such as the founder of Decentraland, the founder of POAP, Globant and Newtopia: Early Stage VC Latam
  • Room to discuss further investment only from strategic Web3 partners.



First self custodial crypto wallet in LATAM


  • 10% growth in users in the last month (historic peak)
  • Its presence on ETH Latam, the biggest Crypto event of the year in Buenos Aires, where the CTO Bruno Calmels was a speaker. Defiant is also invited on the stage of ETH Colombia, coming soon.
  • Next release: very soon launching Passive Income integration with 2PI, 4 taps onboarding, and a new dashboard.


  • Finishing the third round of investment (extension of Seed round), for a 24M valuation with a goal of 2M.



An NFT marketplace for Latin American artists who seek to revolutionize the way they monetize their content and to connect with their fans in a new and interactive way.


  • GMV por 75k por una venta corporativa de 1500 NTFs
  • Accumulated GMV: USD 191,266K (YTD)
  • 6167 registered users, 1074 connected wallets, 2271 purchased NFTs (YTD)
  • Launched the first NFT de LALi (NFT golden ticket experience) and was sold out in less than 20 minutes
  • BAFIM Launch: At the Enigma lxs booth visitors could try the MIXER Tool live.
  • ETH Latam: Facundo Migoya with Sweetman eth, Sebastián Aldasoro and Nicolás Madoery were part of the  music and #NFTs panel



Sensei Node is the first blockchain infrastructure independent service provider in Latin America. They automate and simplify the deployment and monitoring of nodes on leading protocols, providing access via  APIs to organizations looking to build their blockchain infrastructure with a high availability and low total cost of ownership.



  • Will participate at Ethereum main global event Devcon in Bogota in October
  • Was selected by Ethereum Foundation to actively participate in the “Goerli” phase of The Merge, deploying test net nodes.



Web3 platform. We empower your community with token gated experiences



  • Closed pre-seed round in March for $1.5m and will be launching seed round in October.



Exactly is a decentralized, non-custodial and open-source protocol that provides an autonomous fixed and variable interest rate market enabling users to frictionlessly exchange the time value of their assets and completing the DeFi credit market.


  • Launched in Argentina last year.
  • Now live in testnet, receiving feedback from real users using the dApp
  • Doing the last audits before launching in Mainnet
  • ETH Latam: Main Stage speakers


  • Closing its second round


This is the latest update from this amazing Web3 Startups.

Please let me know if you would like any intros.

Diego Noriega – diego@newtopia.vc